Purchasing Terms and Conditions

1. Seller shall not deliver any Products to Buyer that contain any Counterfeit Parts. All Products shall be new and unused.

2. Conflict Mineral Statement: Betatron Electronics supports the Dodd-Frank act of 2010. All vendors are to perform due diligence and supply material that complies.

3. BetaTron Electronics purchase orders or contracts to its vendors must provide for NNSA and its contractor’s to perform quality survey and inspections at the vendors locations where materials or services are rendered.

4. Vendor, notify BetaTron Electronics of any nonconforming products or processes that impact our purchase order prior to shipment.

5. Vendor do not supply BetaTron Electronic with nonconforming product.

6. Retain records of purchase orders and requested CoC, CoA or technical data for a period of three years.

7. When Certificate of Conformance is required the documentation must;

a, Identify the purchased material or equipment and associated procurement document(s);

b, Identify the specific procurement requirements met by the purchased material or equipment; and

c, be signed or authenticated by a person who is responsible for this function as described in the sub-supplier’s QMS.